Over the past two months I’ve been kept busy working on a feature length documentary called ‘A Way We Go’. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Novocastrian Film-maker Jacqueline Hicks, this documentary is a charming, and candid look into urban transport. Jacqui visited ten diverse cities spread across the globe, speaking to the locals about how they get from A to B, and the culture surrounding their chosen method of commute.

My work included audio restoration, editing, music composition, and final mix of the film. I can’t share the film yet, as Jacqui is organising some screenings and festival submissions as I type this, however I have her permission to share some visuals along with a sample of the music I put together for the film.

A premiere screening will be held at Tower Cinema in Newcastle this weekend, which you can read more about in this Newcastle Herald article.

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