Explore some examples of my work.

Music Composition - A Way We Go

A selection of short music peices I wrote for Jacqueline Hick’s feature length documentary ‘A Way We Go’. This film is quite dialogue heavy, and features people with many different accents, so we decided the music needed to give the audience a chance to contemplate and reflect on what had been said in each chapter of the film. A mixture of chilled electronica, rock, urban, and ethnic flavours help to keep things fresh throughout the film.

Sound Design Demo - The Incredibles

Here’s a short edit of a sound replacement project I completed during my Audio Degree, which required me to replace all of the sound for an 8 minute section of The Incredibles. I completed all the sound design, and shared foley, dialogue recording, and mixing duties with fellow student, Shane Ryan.

Music Production - Nick Saxon / Nat Geo

I’ve been fortunate to co-produce, record, mix, and master several releases for singer/songwriter, and National Geographic Channel Presenter, Nick Saxon. A lot of the material from those releases has ended up being featured on the show Nick presents, while also gaining international radio airplay.

Music Production - Thrillbilly Stomp EP

This was a really fun project I completed during my Audio Degree, with a fantastic bunch of characters I hadn’t met before. We recorded an EP over a weekend with a rock, funk, cajun vibe. The foundations of the songs were all tracked live, with minimal overdubs added later. I put a lot of work into pre-production, considering mic and pre-amp choices, which seemed to pay off. Recorded and mixed by myself and fellow student at the time, Shane Ryan.

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