Jacqueline Hicks – Film Director / Producer

Brad worked on my film ‘A way we go’ and this was no easy job. With my flexible timeline, lack of

good sound recordings, and with a minimal understanding of how to provide files and feedback,

Brad somehow managed to pull everything together wonderfully. I felt so much more confident

about my film knowing he was working on the sound editing and music composition. He was really

quick to pick up on the feel and rhythm of the movie and work out how to make it flow with the use

of music and soundscapes. He was great at cleaning up my sound that I had gathered from

various uncontrolled corners of the world with all sorts of background noises to deal with.

The final result speaks for itself. The music ties this film together and gives people space to

contemplate the messages and enjoy the images and movement. There is such diversity in his

tracks, which reflect the different emotions and rhythms of the film and demonstrate Brad’s broad

talent for music composition for film. After the first screening of the film, people have been telling

me how much they love the music and how well it worked with the film. Thank you Brad!

Nick Saxon – National Geographic Channel Presenter / Singer & Songwriter

Brad was a pleasure to work with. Such a great talent & creative mind. His passion for creativity

knows no limits, and I’m really looking forward to working with him again soon.

Bill Bradney – Guitar / Vocal for Thrillbilly Stomp

We recorded an ep project with Brad and found him to be highly professional and motivated. Right

from the get go we had a series of pre-production meetings where a lot issues were discussed and

dealt with leading to a highly enjoyable and productive weekend of recording.

His research and creativity found innovative solutions to any obstacles that arose. His arrangement

suggestions were well thought out and led to some subtle improvements in the songs giving them

more interest and fluency.

His attention to detail and understanding of the environment we were working in was excellent and

though we all worked hard he helped create a stress free, relaxed space where we all felt free to

be ourselves.

When we received the mixes we were really impressed with musical choices he made and the little

touches he added, taking the songs to a whole new level. It was a pleasure working with you Brad

and hopefully we will be able to do it again.