One of the most enjoyable projects I completed during my audio degree was with Thrillbilly Stomp. After a series of pre-production meetings and discussions, we recorded a four song EP over a weekend. The band fuses Rock, Funk, and Cajun music with a healthy dash of humour too, and it was my first time recording an accordion piano.

Working as a team with fellow student Shane Ryan, we captured the performances as live as possible, with minimal overdubbing added afterwards. This gave the recordings a great energy, and allowed for a more natural swing in the songs. I took a heap of my own gear into the studio to assist the band to get the sound they were after, carefully selecting mics, pre-amps, and processing for each instrument.

Most importantly, the band had a great time, and were really happy with the end result. If you’d like to hear more, head over to the Thrillbilly Stomp Website.

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